Enemy Movie Review: Jake Gyllenhaal Gives a Career-Defining Performance in Denis Villeneuve A24 Thriller

Review: Beyond the immediate impact, Enemy lingers in your mind, prompting introspection and challenging your perception of what the plot ultimately means. Denis Villeneuve directs one of the most beguiling movies of the 2010s.

jake gyllenhaal enemy 2013 movie denis villeneuve a24 film
Jake Gyllenhaal in Enemy (2013), an A24 movie directed by Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve‘s 2013 movie, Enemy, transcends the confines of what a conventional thriller can be, weaving through a tense world with existential dread and psychological turmoil. While the genre elements of mystery and suspense are undeniably present, they serve as mere brushstrokes in a larger image exploring the profound themes of identity, duality, and the subconscious.

Jake Gyllenhaal delivers a career-defining performance, embodying both Adam, the repressed college professor, and Anthony, his carefree doppelgänger and actor, with such nuanced dexterity that their distinct personalities bleed through every gesture and expression. The audience is drawn into a voyeuristic dance, deciphering the small differences in their demeanor, morals, and perspectives, constantly questioning the nature of their connection and the blurred lines between the two characters’ realities.

Villeneuve, mastering visual storytelling in Enemy, crafts an unsettling atmosphere that seeps into your bones. The film’s ochre-tinged palette, reminiscent of faded photographs, casts a pall over the sterile cityscape, mirroring the characters’ internal struggles. Deliberate pacing and a dissonant score by Saunder Jurriaans and Danny Bensi further amplify the sense of unease, creating a dreamlike state where reality and illusion constantly dance on the edge of perception.

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Enemy‘s true power lies in its ambiguity. Unlike conventional narratives that spoon-feed answers, Denis Villeneuve invites the audience to actively participate in unraveling the movie’s enigmatic plotlines. The recurring spider motif becomes a potent symbol, open to individual interpretation. Is it a harbinger of danger, a manifestation of repressed desires, or simply a narrative thread to guide us through the inner turmoil of Adam? The beauty lies in the absence of definitive answers for Enemy, where Denis allows you to form your own conclusions.

Beyond the immediate impact, Enemy lingers in your mind, prompting introspection and challenging your perception of what the plot ultimately means. The film’s exploration of identity transcends the individual, delving into the collective anxieties and societal pressures that shape our understanding of ourselves. In a world increasingly obsessed with self-branding and social media personas, Enemy forces us to confront the unsettling possibility that the lines between who we are and who we project to the world might be more blurred than we imagine.

The movie stands among one of the best A24 movies to date, nearly everything released in 2013, and Denis Villeneuve’s own filmography. It really improves on rewatch, and I can’t wait to revisit again down the line.


Genre: Mystery, Thriller

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Enemy Film Cast and Credits

enemy movie 2013


Jake Gyllenhaal as Adam Bell / Anthony Claire

Sarah Gadon as Helen Claire

Mélanie Laurent as Mary


Director: Denis Villeneuve

Writer: Javier Gullón

Cinematography: Nicolas Bolduc

Editor: Matthew Hannam

Composers: Saunder JurriaansDanny Bensi

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