Contains reviews, lists, and features for new movies in the mystery genre. This is constantly updated as new mystery movie reviews go live on A Cinephile’s Corner.

Zodiac movie poster
Thanksgiving movie poster
Five Nights at Freddys movie poster
a haunting in venice movie poster
vhs85 movie poster
Hypnotic movie poster
The Game movie poster David Fincher
Se7en movie poster seven
Medusa Deluxe movie poster
They Cloned Tyrone movie poster Netflix
Scream 6 movie poster and review from A Cinephile's Corner.
Midsommar movie poster and review starring Florence Pugh and Ari Aster
Something in the Dirt Movie Review Aaron Moorhead Justin Benson
Knock at the Cabin M Night Shyamalan Movie Review Horror Film
Old Movie Review M Night Shyamalan Horror Thriller Knock at the Cabin
Missing Movie Review Poster Computer Film
Decision to Leave Movie Review Park Chan-wook Poster Film Cannes
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Don't Worry Darling Movie Poster Review Film Florence Pugh Harry Styles Olivia Wilde 2022 Chris Pine