Jordan Peele Movies Ranked from Worst to Best, including Nope

A comprehensive ranking of Jordan Peele movies, from Get Out to Nope

jordan peele movies ranked
Jordan Peele on set of the movie Nope (2022)

Jordan Peele has quickly become one of the hottest names in the film industry since his debut movie Get Out premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017. That film broke through to the mainstream in such a unique and substantial way, even earning significant Oscars buzz for a debut genre filmmaker responsible for his work in sketch comedy prior to becoming a director.

And since then, Jordan Peele has cashed in on blank check after blank check, amassing one of the most unique (yet brief) filmographies in Hollywood currently. You could order any of his films in any way and you’d have an argument – they’re all sensational and radically different, with different purposes, tones and motivations. He represents my favorite type of director: someone with big ideas and sensibilities who still loves to work within genre and convention. Jordan Peele has done more for the horror genre than nearly anyone in the last decade, and it is because of his constantly bold visions and intimate themes.

So although this is only a ranking of the three films he’s made in his brief career as a horror director, I’d imagine this will expand in tremendous ways throughout the next few years. He’s constantly working, and it seems like there’s always something coming down the road. Up until recently, he even had another new movie scheduled to come out in December 2024. That was just pushed back and taken off the calendar, but I’d imagine it is coming sooner rather than later.

But for now, this is how I think I’d rank the Jordan Peele movies, from Get Out to Nope:

3. Us (2019)

us movie 2019

2. Get Out (2017)

Get Out movie poster Jordan Peele

1. Nope (2022)

nope jordan peele movie 2022

Nope delivers on its promise of spectacle. Its set-up helps deliver one of the most rewarding third acts of the year, and one I’ll surely return to in years to come. Those don’t come around very often, only a handful of films lend themselves to repeat viewings, and Nope is certainly one of them. A dazzling and hypnotic viewing, and one that doesn’t leave your mind once you leave your theater. The best films make you think, and Nope gives you plenty to sink your teeth into. Nope movie review

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