Anyone But You Movie Review: Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Struggle to Find Chemistry in New Romantic Comedy from Will Gluck

Anyone But You Stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell and is Directed by Will Gluck

Review: While Anyone But You might offer a few chuckles and some eye candy in the form of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, it’s a mostly forgettable affair that leaves you craving a rom-com with some actual bite and fizz.

sydney sweeney and glen powell anyone but you movie 2023
Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in Anyone But You (2023)

Anyone But You Review

Anyone But You promises all the sizzle and sparkle of a summer rom-com, with rising stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell at the helm. Sadly, the film fails to deliver, leaving us with a lukewarm concoction that feels reheated and undercooked.

The movie is headlined by two undeniably charismatic stars in Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. Individually, they’re bubbly cyclones, charming the socks off audiences in hits like Euphoria and Top Gun: Maverick. Even their smaller ventures, like The Voyeurs and Everybody Wants Some!! hinted at a crackling chemistry waiting to explode. So, imagine the collective eyebrow raise when Anyone But You dropped, promising a rom-com fueled by this seemingly perfect pairing. Unfortunately, the film stumbles out of the gate, offering not sizzle and spark, but a damp squib of awkwardness that drags down the entire movie.

And it’s not a lack of talent. Sweeney and Powell shine individually, delivering their lines with their usual charm. But put them together in a scene, and you’d think they were strangers reading lines off a teleprompter. The banter feels forced, like reheated leftovers instead of a fresh, playful exchange. Their physicality lacks any spark, with stiff posture and averted gazes replacing the natural ease expected from two people naturally falling for each other. It’s like watching fireworks set up meticulously, only to have them sputter and fizzle out, leaving the audience staring at a damp pile of disappointment.

This disconnect cuts deep, especially compared to the off-screen buzz that had fans practically eyeing Sweeney and Powell before the film even dropped. Remember all those interviews fueled by playful banter and teasing glances? Turns out, that chemistry couldn’t be captured on celluloid, leaving viewers wondering if the marketing team was selling a different movie altogether.

And the final product is slightly disappointing and certainly mediocre. The awkwardness permeates every scene, sucking the air out of even the most outlandish rom-com scenarios. Imagine a perfectly choreographed dance number turning into a cringy, hesitant shuffle, or a passionate balcony confession sounding like a grocery list read in monotone. That’s Anyone But You. The lack of emotional resonance between Sweeney and Powell makes it impossible to invest in their relationship, leaving us indifferent to their fate and wondering if anyone else in the film has better chemistry.

Ultimately, the lack of chemistry in Anyone But You isn’t just a missed opportunity, it’s kind of a genre betrayal. We were promised a sparkling rom-com fueled by two of Hollywood’s most charming stars, but instead, we got a messy, underdeveloped film that squanders its potential. It’s a reminder that even the most promising ingredients don’t guarantee a perfect dish, and sometimes, the chemistry just doesn’t cook.

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And the plot itself is a flimsy house of cards built on tired tropes. Bea and Ben, the bickering enemies-to-lovers-to-enemies, navigate predictable rom-com beats – from awkward meet-cutes to fake relationships and forced proximity. Each “wacky” situation feels like a stale retread, lacking the wit and ingenuity of truly successful rom-coms.

Despite the talented cast, the supporting characters fail to inject energy into the film. GaTa, as Ben’s friend Pete, comes closest, stealing scenes with his comedic timing, but even his charisma can’t overcome the overall blandness. Director Will Gluck, who has delivered gems like Easy A and has a proven track record, seems to be sleepwalking through this production, leaving the beautiful Australian locations feeling oddly artificial and green-screened.

There are fleeting moments of enjoyment. Glen Powell’s charisma shines through the best, further showcasing his potential as a leading man. And, amidst the predictability, there are a few genuinely funny lines. But these bright spots are quickly swallowed by the film’s overall mediocrity.

Anyone But You is a disappointing misfire. The lack of chemistry, predictable plot, and uninspired execution fail to capitalize on its promising premise and talented cast. While it might offer a few chuckles and some eye candy, it’s a forgettable affair that leaves you craving a rom-com with some actual bite and fizz.


Genre: Comedy, Romance

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Anyone But You Film Cast and Credits

anyone but you movie 2023


Sydney Sweeney as Bea

Glen Powell as Ben

Alexandra Shipp as Claudia

Michelle Hurd as Carol

Bryan Brown as Roger

Hadley Robinson as Halle

Dermot Mulroney as Leo

GaTa as Pete


Director: Will Gluck

Writer: Will Gluck, Ilana Wolpert

Cinematography: Danny Ruhlmann

Editor: Tia Nolan

Composers: Este HaimChristopher Stracey

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