Past Lives Release Date: DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital

past lives release date a24 movie
Greta Lee and Teo Yoo in Past Lives (2023), an A24 film directed by Celine Song

Celine Song’s Past Lives officially has release dates for DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital.

The A24 standout from 2023 will hit streaming services August 22nd, 2023, according to WoR. Much like many releases nowadays, this precedes its physical release date. The DVD and Blu-ray copies of Past Lives will hit shelves September 19th. It’s available to preorder from Amazon here.

Past Lives is one of A24’s best movies in recent years, garnering similar praise to Aftersun, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and Red Rocket – all some of the best movies of their respective years. Past Lives premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where it was quickly picked up by the prominent independent movie studio.

Past Lives is the debut feature from Celine Song and stars Greta Lee, Yoo Teo, and John Magaro. It follows the decades-long relationship of Hae Sung and Nora as they weave in and out of each other’s lives. I wrote a review about it earlier this year where I felt that Song have you produced the best script so far in 2023. That still holds true now.

I’ll be preordering this one sooner to its release date. I can’t wait to watch it a couple more times this year in order to fully comprehend the different corners of its story. It’s a very emotionally complex film, one that warrants seeing it a few times. I also think there’s a good chance we’ll see a few Oscar nods next season – Best Original Screenplay, possibly Best Picture, and fingers crossed Best Actress for Greta Lee.

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