A24 Greenlights Sequel for Talk to Me

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Talk to Me, A24

A24 has greenlit a sequel for Talk to Me, its viral new horror movie now in theaters.

This is according to THR as the indie horror flick has been roaring through theaters in recent weeks, vastly outperforming the expected box office total and continuing the trend of successful horror movies to get a theatrical release in 2023. Australian YouTube stars Danny and Michael Philippou directed the original movie and seem to be returning for the second outing as well. Danny Philippou is in line to co-write the script for the sequel alongside returning screenwriter Bill Hinzman.

Rumored to be titled Talk 2 Me, the sequel will have big shoes to fill as it attempts to capitalize on one of A24’s most successful releases in company history. Talk to Me opened to $10 million in its first weekend, marking the studio’s second biggest opening ever – right behind Ari Aster’s Hereditary. Not bad company to be in.

Talk to Me premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2023, where it garnered rave reviews and was quickly picked up by the arthouse film giant. Talk to Me isn’t the first horror flick to gain a boost off A24’s incredibly successful track record of online promotion. The film’s strong word-of-mouth and consistent ad campaigns have surely added to its success.

Just last week, in an interview with THR, the Philippou brothers noted that they’ve already shot a prequel for the film told strictly through mobile phones and social media. This wouldn’t be A24’s first horror franchise as Ti West’s X double-feature took the genre by storm in 2022. Perhaps A24 is looking for similar results this year and next.

Talk to Me is available to see in theaters now. Read Cinephile Corner’s review for Talk to Me here.

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